This is an extract from the text of Krapp’s last tape, a live action version staring John Hurt. This video includes the section of the text that we are using, so i thought that i would post this up. This piece follows the text quite closely, well closer than ours, since John Hurt does not resemle a spider. But anyway here it is.

Krapp’s Last Tape.

My current project is based apon a piece of text by Samuel Beckett called ‘Krapp’s last tape’. This is a group project and i am working with Kirk Sylvester, Thomas Burling, Matt Humphreys and Tom Waghorn and we are currently in the process of filming. Our take on the text is that Krapp is a lonely old man who has been shut away in his attic for so long that he has kind of metamorphasised into a spider. In the film we are having Krapp re-enact a tape that is playing which is recorded from a previous birthday when he was 39, and it is way of celebrating his birthday.

Above are some images taken of the set and us as a group in our mock up set, i do not have all the images and concept drawings we have done so far but they will be uploaded soon. So here is just a taster of the things i have so far.

We have also started a behind the scenes/the making of  video diary that should be uploaded onto yputube soon, so i will post the links on here too.

Update of sorts

Just wanted to apologise for my lack of blogging lately, but i am going to try and catch up with everything i have missed out on doing so far. It might take a while due to my current project taking up alot of my time, but it will be done.

Something simular…

The link here is from a film called “What’s he building in there ” by Tom Waites. It has the look I am trying to achieve in my own film, all though mine is shot in night vision.

Mirg…. quick video

I have now managed to get the small film of mirg i did as a tester, the link is below.

Sound and video elective…

At the moment I am doing my 1st year elective in Sound and Video, where at the end of five weeks I have to have produced a 5 minute film. The idea I have is a music video, but a really dark and eerie one. For the sound part I used an Edirol handheld recorder and recorded myself playing guitar, once for the main part and then again for a slightly heavier part ans mixed them together how I heard it in my head. For the video part of the film I recorded things in my friends garden at night, using night vision to give a Blair Witch type of effect and feel, I also recorded things such as pipes and taps just to give the whole thing a look as if it was filmed in a derelict building. At the moment I am putting all the clips together, moving parts around to see how they fit with the music. Soon though I will have it completed to how i want it to be and will post a link from youtube of it on here.

All the other things…

i have done in supporting studies are going to now be uploaded for your viewing after a long time which i am sorry about..

Two images did not upload properly so… here they are


Maybe it is just my computer….

and the fact that youtube is not working on it, but after checking out my main page there were no video’s on there. So i will have to check when i cam get on a different computer, if the worst comes to the worst and i need to post all the video’s again then i will….

Development of Mirg…

Mirg as you may remember is the character i designed for a project. I now have a few more images to put up including some character development images, character interactions and some storyboards including him.



An inspiration for Mirg is Grim from ‘The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy’ on Cartoon Network, mainly because he is humorous and has a Jamaican accent.

At the moment my computer is having troubles with youtube, it has been like it for about a month so it will not allow me to post a link showing  anything from Billy and Mandy nor will i be able to post the short animation i did of Mirg. But when i can get to a different computer i will upload them on to here for you to see.

It’s been a while…

Unfortunately i have not posted much in the last few months mainly due to not being able to get much stuff onto my computer. But now i have managed to get nearly all of it uploaded so i can now show you what i have been up to.

First off here are the final character designs for my group project from last year. I do not have the rough preliminary sketches we did first with me, but when i get them i will put them up. That also goes for the fianl animation too, there are a few things that need to be sorted out, but at the moment we are all in our electives and are unable to do any of the editing…… so again, here are the final character designs…boy

This is the lookr we chose for the main character to have when he was a young child.


This is the final look for the main character’s father.


This was our choice for the look of the main character in the present


I will put up the link for our animatic when it is available because youtube sometimes takes a while to load video’s.