This is an extract from the text of Krapp’s last tape, a live action version staring John Hurt. This video includes the section of the text that we are using, so i thought that i would post this up. This piece follows the text quite closely, well closer than ours, since John Hurt does not resemle a spider. But anyway here it is.


Krapp’s Last Tape.

My current project is based apon a piece of text by Samuel Beckett called ‘Krapp’s last tape’. This is a group project and i am working with Kirk Sylvester, Thomas Burling, Matt Humphreys and Tom Waghorn and we are currently in the process of filming. Our take on the text is that Krapp is a lonely old man who has been shut away in his attic for so long that he has kind of metamorphasised into a spider. In the film we are having Krapp re-enact a tape that is playing which is recorded from a previous birthday when he was 39, and it is way of celebrating his birthday.

Above are some images taken of the set and us as a group in our mock up set, i do not have all the images and concept drawings we have done so far but they will be uploaded soon. So here is just a taster of the things i have so far.

We have also started a behind the scenes/the making of  video diary that should be uploaded onto yputube soon, so i will post the links on here too.

Update of sorts

Just wanted to apologise for my lack of blogging lately, but i am going to try and catch up with everything i have missed out on doing so far. It might take a while due to my current project taking up alot of my time, but it will be done.

Something simular…

The link here is from a film called “What’s he building in there ” by Tom Waites. It has the look I am trying to achieve in my own film, all though mine is shot in night vision.

Mirg…. quick video

I have now managed to get the small film of mirg i did as a tester, the link is below.

Sound and video elective…

At the moment I am doing my 1st year elective in Sound and Video, where at the end of five weeks I have to have produced a 5 minute film. The idea I have is a music video, but a really dark and eerie one. For the sound part I used an Edirol handheld recorder and recorded myself playing guitar, once for the main part and then again for a slightly heavier part ans mixed them together how I heard it in my head. For the video part of the film I recorded things in my friends garden at night, using night vision to give a Blair Witch type of effect and feel, I also recorded things such as pipes and taps just to give the whole thing a look as if it was filmed in a derelict building. At the moment I am putting all the clips together, moving parts around to see how they fit with the music. Soon though I will have it completed to how i want it to be and will post a link from youtube of it on here.

All the other things…

i have done in supporting studies are going to now be uploaded for your viewing after a long time which i am sorry about..

Two images did not upload properly so… here they are